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These nature photogaphs of mine are of Africa, flowers, mushrooms, birds and general interest. Links to those photographs are on the Nature Photography page. Additional links on that page will take you to other sites containing images and equipment. In addition, I hope to soon add a discussion of the newer PNG format for images on the Web.

Books I recently became an associate of the Amazon Bookstore. Their site contains hundreds of books you can order over the net. Interspersed among the rest of this site, you will find a number of books that I have found either informative or interesting. These books are sold by Amazon. By clicking on the book title, you will be transferred to the Amazon site where, if you wish, you can purchase a copy of it. On the page Amazon, you will find the entire list of books I have referenced at this site along with others with a wider range of interest. A review of each book is listed (provided by Amazon) along with any comments I may have.

The main focus of this site is nature photography. However, you will find discussions of other facets of the World Wide Web. You may have reached this page a number of different ways. To guide you to your area of interest, use the hot-link selections on the left. But before you move on, I would appreciate you signing the guestbook so I know how you got here and what your interests are.
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