I, like most of us, have "taken pictures" for most of my adult life. People we knew, places we had been. Then, a number of years ago, I turned to 'birding' as an active hobby. It was natural to incorporate the photography interest into this activity. I attended a week long program at the University of Maine at Machias on bird photography. Most of the time was spent in the field with evaluation of the pictures the following day. Due to field restrictions, not much time was actually spent on bird photography. A great deal of time was spent learning to "see". A friend of mine presented me with a small coffee-table book Coming Into The Light (published by Voyager Publications, Inc which she co-authored). It was there that the seed that was to grow later was sown.
I continued with birding and birding photography (mostly shots of record). But there were days when the birds were scarce or just too far away. My birding friends kidded about butterfly, flower or tree identification on days such as those. That was when the final piece fell into place. Yes, indeed, Nature's world is always around us no matter the weather. Sometimes adverse weather can offer a different look. Since that time, I have never taken a walk in the woods or along the beach that I do not look at all the natural world around me......looking at the world through my eyes. Come join me.

The following links should speed you to your area of interest. Have fun...... enjoy

AFRICA - The photographs here are the animals and birds of Kenya. Flowers - NEWThis section is composed of photographs of the flowers of North America. Fungi - I find some of the most interesting and overlooked images in this section. And they don't move!!
Light and Skies - A small section to say the least. But should be one worth exploring. Birds Insects
International Images

No one has influenced nature photography more than Ansel Adams. Not enough can be said about his pioneering work. This Web link to his artistry is one of the best that I have found. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. There are several books available at Amazon. I have chosen these two for myself. As with all other books referenced, go to My Bookshelf for review and comments.
The American Wilderness Ansel Adams' California

There are a great number of other books on photography on My Bookshelf. Tips, techniques, equipment and coffee table photographs. In addition, there are several on flora and fauna.

Here is a list some sites that I do enjoy myself. Each brings their own identity to the Web.

Rather than verify current link status myself of all the sites I have found on the web, these next sites contain a great number of links for photography. I'll add more as I find them. Happy browsing.

For more of nature photography, explore the Ring of Photography or the Camera Lens Ring.

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