The Person Behind the Photographs

There are several distinct attributes of the composite human known as Bill. I would hope that if you came to this page that you would be interested to a degree in all three. It is said that we are an accumulation of all the things we have ever been. This is that summation to date.

The primary focus of this Home Page is my involvement with nature photography. Not too long ago, a very dear friend of mine asked me what was I going to do with all the pictures I had taken. It surprised me when I did not really have an answer to that question. There are hundreds of photographers in the US alone who try to make their living through their photographs. For some, one could say they are scratching out a living from doing what they love. For others, they are very successful and their work is widely known. Where, then, could I find a niche for me? That is where I came up with the phrase 'almost really good'. And the Internet seems to be the ideal forum for me to distribute my favorite pictures. The plan is to share some photographs that can be downloaded and used as freeware from this site. Not too far down the road, other products will be made available at a reasonable cost. I would like for you to keep this site 'bookmarked' and check in from time to time.
Second, is the fact that I have become aquainted with quite a number of people around the world through various chat sites that are on the Internet. A lot of those people have become friends. So, yes, I am a 'chatter'. A lot has been written about chat sites and the people that you find there. But, like everything else in life, they are what you make them. For those of you who have reached this page because of this involvement, use whichever of these two hot links that are of most interest to you....My Friends and I or a chat site review.
Lastly, my work, i.e., profession. I am presently an Ocean Instrumentation Systems Engineer for a small federal agency on Cape Cod, MA that is involved with oceanographic research in the coastal areas of the US. Most of the programs are targeted at environmental hazards in America's estuary and coastal waters. I try very hard to separate my work from my personal life as far as the net is concerned. For those of you familiar with the workings of the Internet, you certainly can find out more if you are so inclined.

I started my career as a Flight Controller for NASA (you know, the people you saw on your television screens in the control room in Houston). This job had its insurmountable highs and its sorrowful lows. I was there for the first landing on the moon and was also on the console monitoring the ground tests when White, Chaffee and Grissom burned to death. While there, I received a joint ward of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the work done during Apollo 13 and was also named to Outstanding Young Men of America.

From NASA, I went to an agency tasked with the installation and maintenence of a world wide earthquake detection network. This work took me all around the world. Primarily, Central and South America and the Far East. From the slums of Howrah, India, the outback of Australia, the Japanese Alps and to the South Pole, Antartica. I have been fortunate enought to have visited the people of seven continents, bathed in the five major oceans, stood on the equator and the South Pole. The people around the world I have met during my life have welcomed me into their homes. It is one thing to be on a tour bus, it is another to dine with an Indian couple in New Deli in their apartment or to drink beer with a bunch of Aussies in the outback while watching the Milky Way displayed in all its splendor without the interference of any city lights on the horizon. To work at 7,000 ft in the Andes of Peru while living in a remote cabin with a couple who spoke no English, to listen to monks chant in far northern Thailand or be introduced to Panchinko in a town in the interior of Japan where only one person spoke English (by the way, I was always a winner...*laugh* That town was Nagano... and I thought I would never hear that name again, until the 1998 winter Olympics. There are so many memories of those days.

As a result of my work here on Cape Cod, I received the Meritorous Service Award, the second highest award that can be given to any federal employee.

When, and if, you find me on the net, you will find that I do not talk about these things. I only mentioned them here because I know that this page will not be one of the most frequented at this site and I have placed them on the bottom of the page so that only those most wanting to know and understand me will find them.

In all of these things, they have happened because it was my desire to give to this country the best that I could. No, this isn't self-hyp. I only know one way to live, love and work. That is to give my all. I have had the glorious chance to make a difference in our world. Small changes, yes. But, changes. Changes and the opportunity to inform and let the citizens of the world make their choices.

I have now retired from federal service. I look forward to the time that is left to me to make more people aware of the world around them and how they can contribute to its wellness. I want to meet more of my friends that I have met on the net and to play a little more golf. This venue allows me to share with you the world as I have seen it.

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