In this segment, travel experiences will be addressed. Photographs, naturally, will be presented. I have traveled the world in my job for the past 30 years. When I first began travelling, pictures of the places was my focus. You know, the pictures that say "here I am". Unfortunately, in the early years, my photography was in its infant stages and my focus on people and their lives was at a minimum. I was a TOURIST! In later years, I matured and began to realize that the world was a large and complex mixture of culture, history and events. I visited the Far East and South America many times in those days and now that I look back on those adventures, I missed so very much. Not only did I miss in the the pictures that I took, I missed in the connection with people.

But enough of what is past and cannot be redone. Most times I tend to talk too much! The links below will head you toward your destinations through my eyes. They will grow in number as I get my photos readied for the web and I can jog my memories about where I have been.


France '98

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