Lichen and Moss

I have not tried to identify each because I am a novice and do not want to be in error. If there is anyone who would like to aid in the identifications, I would certainly appreciate it and give full credit to them.

Be sure to left click on the image for a higher quality photograph

img2034.jpg - 3298 Bytes img2035.jpg - 3828 Bytes img2038.jpg - 2884 Bytes
img2046.jpg - 2907 Bytes img2047.jpg - 2631 Bytes img2054.jpg - 2244 Bytes
img2051.jpg - 2896 Bytes img2049.jpg - 2413 Bytes img2048.jpg - 3590 Bytes
img2041.jpg - 3387 Bytes img2042.jpg - 2375 Bytes img2052.jpg - 1894 Bytes

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