Crescendo Audio added to the site...3/1/97

Site moved to Simplenet..3/1/97

Section on Chatting added 2/97

Site opened 7/96

Africa - 7/6/96 - A partial gallery was opened.
11/1/97 - Antelopes were added on 11/1/97.
January 3, 1997 - Birds of Africa was added.
In June, 1997, photographs were added to almost every gallery. In addition, all photographs were digitally enhanced.

Fungi - Gallery opened on March 28, 1997

Light and Skies - Gallery opened on March 28, 1997

Flowers - Gallery opened in January, 1998.

Amazon - Selling of books offered by started July, 1998

Travel - Travel section opened in March, 1999.

Birds - Gallery under construction

Other sections are under consideration and will be defined soon.

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