There is a lot going on in the "midi" world right now. All those files we took for granted have come under the scrutney of copyright laws. The most informative article on the subject on the web is at Mining Co. I have obtained permission from all of the artists for the music you hear at this site. Some songs are copyright protected as well.
So where can you find composers and sequencers? I used Mining Co. MIDI Composer's Exhange. To use a .mid file, contact the individual and request their permission.
Below is a list of the artists (in no particular order), their songs, their Home Pages and email addresses. As you can tell from the list, they come from all over the world. I have not linked to their songs, you can find them on their web site. To all those who have contributed their music to this site, you have my heartfelt Thanks. I for one, certainly do enjoy your music.
If you entered the site through some web page other than the index, click here for the Main Door.

David Elliott
Wot's ya Hurry Dave's Home Page e-mail
Ramon Ramirez Jr.
JOY-JAM My Web Page e-mail
Matthew J. Drollinger
Flight of the Eagle
Holiday Rain
Reflections in the Pond
Here Y'all
Summer We Fell in Love
Foggy Eve
Midi Gizmo e-mail
Bob McFarland
Autumn Stroll Midi Jukebox e-mail
Danny Mayer
No Way
Live Music Corner e-mail
Piotr Szewczyk
Every Night
Piotr Online e-mail
Yasuo Kanamori
O'farrell Street MIDI Mighty Skills e-mail
Richard Brown
One Old Broken Heart
3 Visually Challenged Mice
A Little Bit Harder Than Easy
C7 sharp9 blues
Dance of the Dustman
Gimme 5
Over the Golden Gate
Jessie's Theme
Who Wha
Midi Jazz e-mail
Bill Dickson
Dotting My T's and Crossing My Eyes
Bill's Boogie
Peppermint Sky
Little Sister
Bill's Original MIDI e-mail
Larrance Fingerhut
Ragtime Prelude Fingerhut's Midi Files e-mail
Jason Wong
Squirt Doctor J's Domain e-mail
Axel Hufeland
Spring In Hamburg
Night Till Dawn
Axel's Midi Music Homepage e-mail

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