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The American Wilderness by Ansel Adams
In this magnificent volume, the land Adams loved and strived to protect endures as he saw it--undefiled, incomparable--championed in the most eloquent and impassioned words Adams ever wrote. 108 duotone illustrations.
Customer Comments , 01/30/97, rating=10:
Among the best work of the original master of photography The photographic images of Ansel Adams are among the most significant pieces of artwork which have been created within the 20th century. His techniques have revolutionized the world of the black and white photographer, and his images are the rule by which all others are measured. His art has spoken to the soul of millions, and you should not be left out! This book contains some of the most beautiful images of nature ever made, and is a bargain at twice the price! Review by Edward Lynn, student of commercial photography, The Art Institute of Seattle.
My comments:
A definite coffee table book.

Ansel Adams' California by Andrea Stillman (Editor), Ansel Adams
anselca.jpg - 2244 BytesAnsel Adams may be one of the most famous nature photographers ever, but his often-overlooked portraits of people and images of buildings and manmade landscapes are as stirring and beautiful as his inimitable wilderness photographs. This is a manageably sized volume that collects images of the state's beaches, mountains, parks, architecture, and people, as well as writing--poems, essays, fiction--by authors such as John Steinbeck, Jack Kerouac, Robert Louis Stevenson, Walt Whitman, and Joan Didion. The combination of words and images is a visual and literary homage to California, a place that was home to and the source of inspiration for the great photographer.
Synopsis: This volume collects the full range of Ansel Adams' California images for the first time, focusing largely on his lesser-known work outside the Sierra. The 70 beautifully reproduced duotone photographs capture some of California's most striking and exemplary vistas, accompanied by passages from a wide range of notable writers, including John Muir, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, and John Steinbeck.

Photography Outdoors : A Field Guide for Travel & Adventure Photographers by Mark Gardner, Art Wolfe
wolfout.jpg - 2503 BytesHow many times have you gotten back from a great trip, had those rolls of film developed, and then discovered that what you thought was a fabulous shot of a grazing moose or the Eiffel Tower by moonlight turned out to be less than spectacular? For all you National Geographic hopefuls, this is the book for you. This slim volume packs a world of information between its covers: chapters on composing photographs, the character of light, and how to measure it to determine exposure are followed by ones on camera equipment and how to get the best shots while adventuring and traveling. The book is intended for anyone with a 35 mm camera, from the simplest point-and-shoot variety to the most sophisticated single-lens-reflex model. Best of all, the book is small enough and light enough to take along with you on your travels.
Customer Comments: , 04/18/97, rating=10:

A MUST HAVE for the outdoor photographer Hands down, the best guide to outdoor photography. Small "field guide" size makes it handy to take along with you. Straight forward text leads you through all aspects of outdoor photography with gorgeous examples of Wolfe's award-winning photography. Simply BRILLIANT!!!!!
My comments:
Although I am not a disciple of Wolf's, this is a very handy reference guide.

Techniques of Natural Light Photography by Jim Zuckerman
zuckerman.jpg - 2976 BytesWhat makes or breaks a picture? Composition, of course, and perhaps less obvious but equally fundamental--light. "Subtle or dramatic, the impact of light on an image completely alters how that image is perceived," asserts Jim Zuckerman, who discusses the qualities of light-- direction, diffusion, harshness--and how to use them as creative tools. There are many impressive color photographs (including twilight panoramas of Rio de Janeiro and interiors of Spanish architectural wonders), but few illuminate Zuckerman's text like his multiple images of a bikini-clad model on a beach, taken during a rapidly-changing sunset. While he is generous with technical details and data, he does not cover black and white photography.
The publisher, Writer's Digest Books ( , 12/20/96:
How to read the light and capture magnificent images.

Zuckerman has seen it all and turned challenge into enchantment. Those who learn and use his techniques can do the same. Photographers will find: 134 stunning and inspiring color pictures; informative captions explaining conditions, camera settings and film specifications; examples showing the photographic possibilities in all kinds of natural lighting situations.

The Sierra Club Guide to 35Mm Landscape Photography by Tim Fitzharris
Perfect, professional quality photos may be only a click away once readers put into practice the myriad techniques offered in this new edition of this popular guide to 35mm landscape photography. A wealth of new features and information includes tips on technical control, overcoming psychological barriers, special considerations such as fog, lightning, and moving water, and 112 full-color examples.
Midwest Book Review :
From equipment to composition and photographing under vastly different light situations, Fitzharris provides beginners with all the basics on getting great scenes from a 35mm camera. Color photo examples pinpoint not only camera settings and exposures, but the composition elements which make for exceptional works.

The Camera (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 1) by Ansel Adams , 10/05/96, rating=10:
Wanna learn to take pictures, start here.

camera.jpg - 2263 BytesEinstein wrote a book for lay people to explain the theory of relativity. I've read it twice, and I still don't know what Albert's talking about. Ansel Adams wrote three books on photography, The Camera, The Negative, and The Print, for lay people to explain how to take good photographs. I've read 'em all, and at least I know what Ansel's talking about, even if I can't take photographs like his yet (gimme fifty years of practice). Whether you like Adams' style or not, in technique, he is to photography what Einstein is to physics: a single authoritative master who's work can be relied upon. Of the three books, _The Negative_ is the most important; but if you are just getting started, the Camera is where to begin.

The Negative (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 2) by Ansel Adams

The Print(Ansel Adams Photography, Book 3) by Ansel Adams

Examples : The Making of 40 Photographs by Ansel Adams
Each of Adams 40 photographs presented here is accompanied by an engaging narrative that explores the technical and aesthetic problems presented by the subject and includes reminiscences of the places and people involved.

The Essentials of Nature Photography by Milton Heiberg
The publisher, Tern Books, , 08/23/97: Wisdom and advice from a veteran nature photography teacher.
heiberg.jpg - 2886 BytesAs wetlands and rainforests get swept under the pavement, there is an increasing need and desire to photograph the parcels of nature that we have left. Creating and publicly displaying beautiful photo images of the natural world informs and inspires us toward the preservation of these parcels, and helps promote a public awareness of how vital the earth’s natural environment is to our own existence. In The Essentials of Nature Photography author Milton Heiberg, a thirty-year veteran of the discipline, gives expert instruction on how to make excellent nature photographs, and does it with both reverence for nature and a sense of humor.
The Essentials of Nature Photography follows the general format of the course outline that the author has used in his classes at the New York City Audubon Society since 1981.
This book is meant to be read and used as a reference by any photographer, novice or professional, who wants to improve his or her nature photography skills. The emphasis is on nature, and includes everything one needs to know about practical technique, theory, ethics, and philosophy of nature photography.
The Essentials of Nature Photography gives you, in one volume, a wonderful photography course, teaching [how] to create the images you’ve dreamed of.
———Gail Jankus, The Urban Audubon --This text refers to the paperback edition of this title.

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